The MakeUp Thief (Emerald City Stories Book 3) Epub Download

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Description : Driven mad by Susie’s betrayal, Myra’s shroud of perfection dissolves and her true nature is revealed for the honest kid that she truly is. Underneath the dark clouds of Emerald City, Myra can easily get lost in the foray of street kids with real street problems. A mysterious boy at the dance club, Gray, captures Myra’s attention and her heartbeat skips with almost joy. The new lovers might actually survive the attack of real love, in all its drugs and glory. Myra gets lost in the thrill of first-love, losing herself to the nightclub as numb as any one of the zombie queens before her. When Myra and Susie disappear into the tomb of the big city, Mom sends her sons to do her nefarious bidding and bring Myra home again. With all the fury of her power, the Yuppie horde descends to find and destroy that first real love.

**Content Advisory: This series contains themes which may be too intense for younger readers, and/or disturbing to those sensitive to violence, language, or gore. Persons with PTSD from any sort of violence, please read at your own risk.
If you enjoyed this book make sure to pick up the other books in this series. **

The MakeUp Thief is the third book in the Emerald City Stories series.

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