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Description : The Guide To Getting It On marks a new generation in the story of sex manuals. The 1960s saw a new sexual revolution leading to the publication of The Joy Of Sex, which has graced many millions of bookshelves. This is a guide to come from the 1990s, now published in the United Kingdom for the first time in its third edition.

The Guide To Getting It On is frank, explicit, humorous and informative. Like that other popular guide to emerge from the nineties, the computer manual, this is a pretty weighty and wordy book. And, like the computer manual, it is divided into very specific chapters, 51 in total, and is equipped with a comprehensive glossary and index. The chapters cover all manner of kinks and curves. Is anal sex your thing? Then there’s a chapter on it. Want to learn about vaginal massage? There’s a chapter on it. Oral sex, masturbation, sex toys–it’s all covered.

But this guide isn’t just about the sexual mechanics. There are sensitively written chapters here about the nature of eroticism and fantasy. There is good advice for first timers with sections such as “On The Penis”, “What’s Inside a Girl”, and “The How-To Part”, which stress the importance of emotional consideration and consent. There are also brief explanations on how to recognise the early indications of breast, testicular, and prostate cancer.

Each chapter is illustrated with cartoon-style line drawings, complete with the occasional witty caption, and with first-hand accounts of how people like to “get it on”. These confessionals are reassuringly honest and sometimes touching. They elevate this guide from a “how to”, to a “have done and it’s great!” The depth of coverage in this guide is as comprehensive as it can be without breaching any laws. How do you like it? Well if it’s legal it’s likely to be covered by The Guide To Getting It On. It’s fair to say that no matter what your level of sexual experience is, or how much of a great lover you might think you are, this book is guaranteed to put a smile on your face–and perhaps someone else’s. —Iain Robinson

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